Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MOON Signs to MORIBUND - Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!!

Today, MORIBUND RECORDS announces the signing of Australia's MOON, dark occult black metal from one Miasmyr. The band's first release for MORIBUND shall be Caduceus Chalice, set for release on June 28th. MOON's Caduceus Chalice pervades a hypnotic sense of obscure mysticism within a dark ambience of distorted screams, cavernous echoes and entrancing pulse. Ceremonial Magick, invocations of spirits, glorifications of darkness, underworld realms and apocalyptic apparitions are the basis for this astral visionary experience. Breeding the unlife in archaic worlds, MOON is an ode to darkness and its spirit.


Obscure black metal from Brisbane, Australia, MOON is the visionary experience of ceremonial magick and astral projection. It works through transcendent hypnosis and bleak atmospheres.

Formed in 2007 by one Miasmyr, MOON stirred interest in the underground black metal scene for its ethereal spirit and raw but evocative sound. Three EPs were released, which sold well, and gained MOON a small following. The first full-length, Caduceus Chalice, was released on cassette in early 2010 and will be released on June 28th, 2011 on CD through MORIBUND RECORDS. MOON have been playing live since 2009, putting on dark and evocative shows in Brisbane.

Miasmyr has played in several black metal bands since 1999. Starting with the cult Catacomb, which played for many years in Brisbane, he has also played in Urgrund and Forn Valdyrheim. MOON, his solo project, also developed a strong following within its early life, starting with a compilation MCD called Magick Rituals from the Dutch label Svartgalgh Records. He went on to release a self-titled EP through Wolfsvuur (Netherlands) and two more MCDs, Apparitions and Blood. Following that, he featured as being the only black metal band on the Brismetal compilation with "Apparition III" from the Apparitions EP. Another split was released featuring MOON, Nekrosov and Nekros Manteia called The Haunting Resonance (Fall of Nature Records), which received good reviews for exhibiting black metal's fringes with outside genres.

The new full-length Caduceus Chalice was released on limited-edition audio cassette through Wolfsvuur Records (Netherlands) in February 2010. It evokes the darkness of the underworld and necromantic summonings. It has the underground black metal sound like Elysian Blaze, Xasthur and Striborg.

MOON is currently getting together a new lineup to play more live shows in Australia.

You got a record deal now buddy. Maybe now you can afford a better camera. Also, I would never, ever, ever compare my sound to Striborg's.  Sin Nanna has zero skills.

TRAP THEM - Vinyl & European Dates

TRAP THEM kick off a European tour on Friday, April 1st, supporting Rotten Sound, alongside Gaza, The Kandidate, and Haust. The band will have their new release, "Darker Handcraft," on clear vinyl, exclusively on this tour. TRAP THEM have posted a tour diary of their recent trek to SxSW in Austin along with The Red Chord and Gaza.

"Darker Handcraft'" was released in North America on vinyl on March 1st, and on CD and digital on March 15th. Due to popular demand, the vinyl is currently being repressed on black, a transparent green and on a red and yellow mixed wax; the green and red/yellow mix are limited to 100 copies each.

TRAP THEM recorded "Darker Handcraft" at Godcity Studio with Kurt Ballou (Converge, Disfear, Black Breath). The album artwork and layout was done by Justin Bartlett (Sunn 0))), The Funeral Pyre).

Check out the band's European dates, along with US dates to Tejas in Chaos with Converge and Burning Love, here:

4/1 Karlsruhe, Germany - Stadtmitte #
4/2 Koln, Germany - Underground #
4/3 Rosswein, Germany - Juha #
4/4 Prague, Czech Rep. - Exit Chmelnice #
4/5 Bratislava, Slovakia - Randal #
4/6 Munchen, Germany - Feierwerk Kranhalle #
4/7 Salzburg, Austria - Rockhouse #
4/8 Mezzago, Italy - Bloom #
4/9 Rome, Italy - Init #
4/10 Zurich, Switzerland - Dynamo Werk 21 #
4/11 Paris, France - Glazart #
4/12 London, UK - Underworld #
4/13 Plymouth, UK - White Rabbit #
4/14 Colchester, UK - Arts Centre #
4/15 Tilburg, Holland - Roadburn Festival
4/15 Antwerpen, Belgium - Trix #
4/16 Sneek, Holland - Bolwerk #
4/17 Hamburg, Germany - Hafenklang #
4/18 Lyngby, Denmark - Templet #
4/19 Gothenburg, Sweden - Henriksberg #
4/21 Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Slussen #
4/22 Turku, Finland - Klubi #
4/23 Jyvaskyla, Finland - Lutakko #
4/24 Helsinki, Finland - Nosturi #
5/20 Baltimore, MD - Otto Bar %
5/21 Philadelphia, PA - Broad Street Ministry w/ Drop Dead %
5/22 Cambridge, MA - The Middle East w/ Drop Dead %
5/24 Syracuse, NY - Lost Horizons %
5/25 New York City - Santo's Party House %
5/29 Braddock, PA - Unsmoke Systems w/ Drop Dead %
5/30 Chicago, IL - Reggies %
5/31 St. Louis, MO - Fubar %
6/2 Austin, TX - Chaos in Tejas w/ Rotten Sound, Gaza, The Kandidate, Haust, w/ Converge, Burning Love

TRAP THEM's sound combines elements of old school Swedish death metal, punk, and d-beat and take influence from bands such as Entombed, Black Flag, Nasum and Tragedy. The band has toured with the likes of Napalm Death, Disfear, Skeletonwitch, Victims, Rotten Sound, Toxic Holocaust and Every Time I Die, among others, and played the Scion Rock Fest, Maryland Deathfest and the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. The band has previously released two full-lengths and several 7-inches and EPs between Southern Lord, Deathwish Inc and Trash Art.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Fix the Dreaded YouTube Black Screen

Some of you may have encountered this problem. It's quite rampant on the internet, and of course Youtube Inc. has nothing public to say. Not to mention their "help forums" are pretty worthless. So what's the problem? A number of internet users, both Mac and PC, both Firefox and IE, have found that occasionally Youtube videos do not display. Instead of displaying, only a black screen remains. The audio works fine, there's just no picture at all, and oftentimes not even a tool bar at the bottom. Firefox users have sometimes found they can at least manipulate pause, volume, and view the timeline of the video, but that's all. What's the issue?

Well, since Youtube's not going to tell us and don't seem to really care, let me explain. This has nothing to do with cookies. This has nothing to do with your internet history. This has nothing to do with your "trusted" sites. Don't bother right-clicking on the video to bring up the Adobe Flash Player settings, because you'll just be taken to their site and a bunch of nonsense that explains little. Ignore all that bullshit because the problem can be corrected quite easily. Now, on a side note, it seems that a number of people have noticed that the problem arose for them after updating their Adobe Player. I can personally verify this is what happened to me, but I'm not sure exactly what the connection is in terms of the nitty gritty code that makes everything work. I'm good, but not that good, or actually I just don't care. Most have also found the problem went away in a few weeks, but who wants to wait? Here's how to fix it.

Now, first off, allow me to apologize to Mac users. I have no idea how it works on a Mac, so if you do or can figure it out based on my instructions here, please post in the comments below so I can update the blog for others. Anyway, here it is, real simple. ONLY FOR PC USERS. Click on "Start" at the bottom left on your computer screen. Next click on "Control Panel". Now you need to find "Display" and click on it. There are two ways to do this. 1. You can first click on "Switch to Classic View" on the left. Then click on "Display". 2. Or, if you prefer using the category mode, click on "Appearance and Themes". At the bottom you will see "Display". Click it.

Now that you've done that a little screen comes up that says "Display Properties". Click on the "Settings" tab. A picture with your computer screen and such will appear. Near the bottom right you'll see you can click on a button labeled "Advanced". Do it. A new screen with information about your computer and tech stuff will appear. At the top, click on the tab that says "Troubleshoot". Here you will be on the screen that enables you to manipulate your hardware acceleration. THIS is the problem. Switch it to NO ACCELERATION by moving the tab all the way to the left. Now click "Apply" and then click "OK" to exit the display boxes. That's it. You will now be able to view Youtube videos again with no problem. As a bonus, this also allows you to play older PC games that were built on Windows 92 and even earlier, so if you ever tried and found the sound was screwed up, as well as the graphics, adjust this same thing and you'll be able to play the classics. Any questions or problems, post here, but there's your answer!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


After almost two years of silence, the new issue of “Forgotten Path Magazine” has been unleashed. This time it offers 120 b/w professionally printed and designed pages of the  blackest art from all corners of the world. 

The magazine includes different reports from Metal  events/festivals, as well as more than 200 critical reviews on various albums/demos, and of  course – interviews with the following acts/parties: SHINING [Swe], LOITS [Est], BESTIAL RAIDS [Pol], “Antichrist/Dead Center Prods.” [Ukr],  ENSLAVED [Nor], LUCTUS [Ltu], KEEP OF KALESSIN [Nor], GRAVELAND [Pol],  CODE [Gbr/Nor], “Supremacy Through Intolerance” [Ger], EMPTY [Esp], STRIX [Ita],  ANIMUS MORTIS [Chi], TELOCH [Fin], LEBENSESSENZ [Bra]. 

The magazine can be ordered through email  

The price for one copy – 6 Euros + shipping. We offer absolutely flexible prices for the wholesalers. 

Ask through email. You can find all the info on our website All questions will be answered through email: mailto:forgotten.path.mag@gmail.