Friday, April 26, 2013

TURO PAJALA (1955-2007) - ARIEL

Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: [Taisto and Irmeli have just been on their first date] What shall we do now?
Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: Let's get married and have a child.
Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: I already have a child.
Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: That's good. We'll spare some time.
Irmeli Katariina Pihlaja: Are you always so self-confident?
Taisto Olavi Kasurinen: This is the first time.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

NORDVIS to Release SUMMONING Cassettes

Hot on the heels of GRIFT's critically acclaimed Fyra elegier, NORDVIS is proud to announce the cassette release of two classic SUMMONING albums, 1995's Minas Morgul and 1997's Dol Guldur. Privileged to contribute to the immortal SUMMONING legacy, NORDVIS will be releasing both albums in limited-edition tape editions, each limited to 150 copies. These two transcendental, nostalgic albums possessed a truly epic and groundbreaking sound for their era and added a new dimension to extreme music back in the mid '90s, cementing SUMMONING's legendry for all time. Thus, no better time than now to experience the world of Tolkien the analog way!