Tuesday, July 31, 2012


On a trek that will see them snaking their way across the continental US and sharing stages with the likes of *ILSA, COFFINWORM, PILGRIM, MARES OF THRACE, PRIMITIVE WEAPONS, PALLBEARER, DEADBIRD, IRON TONGUE,* and more, * WINDHAND* will be playing tuneful dirges off their critically acclaimed debut LP.

The response from the press and fans alike has been immense. *Cvlt Nation'*s review insists, "*WINDHAND* takes apocalyptic blues, puts it into a punk bong, lights it with a sabbath lighter and exhales rad clouds made out of fuzzed out bliss...WINDHAND are way more than a band that you should be on the look out for, they are group of humans that will change the way your hear doom." *The Obelisk* intoned, "The album is a distinctly American answer back to the all-consuming distortion and bleary-eyed psychedelia of Electric Wizard‘s latter-day missives that strips away some of the cult mentality and puts in and puts in its place a woodsy sensibility — not forest-dwelling silliness, but something organic and un-postured," while *Heavy Blog Is Heavy* gushed, ". This music has a certain kind of conviction that leaves you yearning for more," and *To Eleven* put it simply: "This is one of those records that is so good it doesn’t need a masters thesis of a review. *This slays*."

8/1 Washinghton DC @ Smash Records w/ Ilsa and Midnight Eye *All Ages / 6PM*
8/2 Philadelphia, PA @ The Mill Creek Tavern w/ Grass, Tapeworm, and No Stayer
8/3 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus Bar w/ Pilgrim, Mares of Thrace, Primitive Weapons
8/4 Pittsburgh, PA @ The Rock Room
8/5 Columbus, OH @ The Carabar
8/6 Cincinnati @ The Drinkery w/ Mephitic Husk, Mollusk
8/7 Indianapolis, IN @ Indy's Jukebox w/ Coffinworm, Conjurer
8/8 Detroit, MI @ New Dodge Lounge w/ Bison Machine
8/9 Chicago, IL @ The Ultra Lounge w/ Knife of Simpson
8/10 Milwaukee, WI @ The Cactus Bar w/ No Future, Iron Rain
8/11 Minneapolis, MN @ The Hexagon w/ Oaks, Scaphe, Ashen
8/12 Omaha, NE @ The West Wing w/ Solid Attitude, Solid Goldberg
8/13 Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar w/ Hossferatu and 1950D.A.
8/14 Texarkana, AK @ Hopkins Icehouse
8/15 Little Rock, AK @ White Water Tavern w/ Pallbearer and Iron Tongue
8/16 Memphis, TN @ The Buccaneer w/ Deadbird
8/17 Lafayette, LA @ The Wild Salmon w/ Come&Conquer
8/18 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Blood Royale & Hot Rails to Hell
8/19 Birmingham, AL @ The Bottle Tree
8/20 Nashville, TN @ tba w/ All Them Witches
8/21 Knoxville, TN @ The Poisoning Lawn
8/22 Atlanta, GA @ TBA DIY spot
8/23 Savannah, GA @ The Jinx