Monday, December 6, 2010

OBUS - The Grim Reaper is Going to Stop By

Don't blame these muchachos for doing playback. That's how the game was played in Spain in the 80's.

Not many people knew Obus in my native South America but one day, when I was around twelve years old, this dude with a giant head that used to go to school with me gave me a tape of Obus. I think he had stolen it from a friend of his and since I was the only guy he knew that liked metal he gave it to me. 

The name of the album was called Pega Con Fuerza, which translates to Strike Hard, and after I gave it a listen at home, I hit play, again and again and again.... 

I was hooked. My mother hated it because my favorite song was called "Te Visitara La Muerte" which translates to Death Will Visit You or The Grim Reaper is Going to Stop By, or something along those lines and I guess that kinda fucked with her Catholic beliefs. I was young and she was already started to worrying about my soul. I love my mother, almost as much as I love this song.

Pay attention to the beginning and notice how someone in the audience throws his jacket up in the air. Also, pay close attention to the bass. I think it used to belong to Gene Simmons. One more thing, the video and the music don't sync up.

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